What To Wear At A Beach – do we mind?

By | April 25, 2016

What to wear at a beach



How to be confident in your looks

You are no exception when it comes to ” what to wear at a beach “.

When we leave the safety and privacy of our home, hotel or unique beachfront Airbnb studio, we are well aware that we one way or the other need to confirm our inner selves that we look good enough and at least meet our own – often high -standards in how we want to be looked at.

And when finally heading for the beach, the ever returning question is how to choose the right beachwear for the day.
This counts for our daily run but even more when planning to spend the whole afternoon lying, lazing and swimming, as we are convinced we will be scanned by hundreds of eyes of the same and the opposite sex.

Fruit body shape?

There are numerous stylists and fashionistas, and also lifestyle, newspaper and non-commercial websites that for their own reason want to help you make the best and easiest of choices.

Huffington Post issued a girls’ swimsuit guide last summer for every body type and goes as far as discussing cellulitis and scars.

Then there is Wikihow with a guide based on commonly used body type classification, which pears-mouthwatering
classifies the precious women’s body into 4 categories, three of them straight from the fruit bowl: apple, banana and pear and one described as the hourglass.

Oprah comes with a guide for women looking for more supportive, slimming, flattering etc. beachwear, see for yourself, and make sure to read the replies too.

Looking at the established brand


For you own comfort when looking at body types, you may be better off looking at brands, like Arena, that goes directly into the 2 styles of fabric available for men’s beachwear, the elasticated, which are briefs and the non-elasticated, this one being the shorts, which come in shorts, boxers, and Bermuda types. Their advice based on body shape is very straightforward.

Arena’s blog on how to choose the right swimsuit for women also shows the more professional approach, as it starts with advice no. 1 that the swimsuit should be comfortable first. They go into good detail there, discussing even the neckline, before going over to patterns and colors.


Speedo is, on its website at least, definitely much less detailed.
It goes along with the four body shapes mentioned above but is carried away a bit with mentioning a list of celebrities for every type of body shape’s bathing suit.
Would anybody today still feel more comfortable in her swimsuit knowing that the imaginary celeb fits in it too? Maybe.

European brands

Wikipedia has a very good list of swimwear brands with their country of origin.

Read this post for a review on men in designer swimwear.

What to wear at a beach

Fashion counts – but is that all?

Great news! Most of the times we will go to the beach for pleasure!

For the day or on holiday, to surf, swim, go party or to relax, make love, exercise or fantasize.

If our self-esteem and confidence are confirmed by what we wear on the beach, we could boost our feelings by being aware of the origin of our beachwear brands, such as sustainability and social responsibility.
Or join in the quest to preserve the ocean environment and shop at companies that share profits by donating to stewardship and ocean and beach protection, such as sealily.com.

Why not?

If we love ourselves, the others and the ocean that much?

and Cleanclothes.org

These are two organizations dedicated to globally improving the working conditions of workers in the clothing industries.

CleanClothes specifically develops campaign strategies to improve the situation of the employees that make our beachwear and other clothing.

Rankabrand has an up to date website, ranking the sustainability of various sectors, including sporting brands, such as Speedo, Arena, Brunotti, Quicksilver, Billabong and many others.

It doesn’t take much to feel more confident…

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