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By | May 27, 2017

Oz-Girl-TalkingDarwin, in my previous article, is home to many. Many, but also me. The OzGirlTalking. Hidden under the name OzGirlTalking, is a 17-year-old, residing in Darwin on a gap year.
A few things about me, I’m 17 years young and blow candles out every year on the 8th of July. I recently accepted an offer to study in Melbourne spending my time with my head buried into books revolving around the concepts of Law and Psychological Science. After only a few months exploring university, I decided to defer, after all, being too young and unsure, and am now back in Darwin where I completed high school. I’m in the process of finding a job, whilst spending time at the beaches that hug the coastline (read my previous article if you want the reference).

I enjoy small, cosy cafés, long walks along the beach (as cliché as it may be..) & spending time reading or relaxing or cuddling cute puppies. Shopping always makes for a good time too. As does do the family reunions that my family embarks on every once in a while. We’ll leave our footprints in different places across the globe, as we slowly but surely reunite to see each other again. So far, we’ve vacationed in Bali (Indonesia), Coolum (Australia) and Clandulla (Australia) and Twin Waters (Australia), all of which will be further detailed in upcoming articles (stay tuned!!!)

Further back to when I was a fetus, we lived in Brisbane, QLD, where I grew up and lived for 9 years before we moved to Darwin. I never wanted to move, and at many times I wished we hadn’t. Although the combination of crocodiles, the heat, and the amazing people, proved to be worthwhile and truly shaped me, and the person I continue to be.

If you’ve read on this far I’m sure you’d agree, I’ve rambled on enough about my life and the person my parents created me to be. I’d love to hear about you, the person reading this. Yes, you! So feel free to leave a message & get creative & tell me a little bit about you.

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  1. Jan

    Hi Anna-Claire,

    Welcome to! Great way of introducing yourself, and great you enjoy walks along the beach too! Have the crocs taught you to run faster 😉 ? I’m looking forward to reading more on your blog here.
    Ciao and have a great Beach Day, Jan


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