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The Hague - Parliament

The Hague City – Parliament

The Hague Beach (Scheveningen)

Hollands most famous beach with direct access to a major city on the Dutch coast is Scheveningen, the seaside resort directly connected to the city of The Hague – locally known as Den Haag.

Scheveningen is definitely a beach for all seasons and weather types.
Naturally, it is populated in summer with sun lover and bathing visitors, from Holland but traditionally with lots of travelers from Germany, as it is the closest beach for millions of German people, and because of the good surfing conditions almost all year round. Visitors from many other countries enjoy the beach here throughout the year too.
The beach has got easy access for almost everyone, for less mobile visitors also.

Landmarks are both the Kurhaus, the luxury hotel dating back from 1888, and the Pier.

Kurhaus - Scheveningen

Kurhaus – Scheveningen

The Kurhaus was built in 1885, on the spot where the Grand Hotel des Bains used to be. But one year later only, in 1886, the Kurhaus burnt down as the chambermaid of the beer brewing Heineken family, that stayed at the hotel, was not cautious enough with the hair curling iron and set the hotelroom curtains in flame.
It was rebuilt two years later.

The Pier in Scheveningen is an icon on the coast of The Hague’s beach and has been turned into a street food boulevard lately with bars, food trucks and restaurants with the stunning beach and sea views that Dutch painters tried to capture in their works.
The latest add is the 40 meters high Ferris wheel for even better views (the London Eye is 135 meter high, but hey that is London so no sea views…)

Scheveningen - Pier

Scheveningen – Pier

There are around 35 Beach Clubs in Scheveningen (some of Hollands more famous DJ’s love to perform at the beach), a couple will stay throughout the year, the others are built up for summer only.
There is a lot of great food around, and a 5-minute walk will take you to the Harbour area, which has been redeveloped over the last years, very successfully in my view with lots of great quality fish restaurants and a good bar life in various price ranges.
Contrary to many countries, you are allowed to bring your own food and (alcoholic) drinks to the beach in Holland.

Lots of events are being held on Scheveningen beach, such as the National The Beach Volleyball Circuit, the Hague Kitesurf World cup, the International Fireworks Event, the North Sea Regatta, the International Kite Festival, the Olympic Beach Stadium, concerts etc.

A very useful idea is the engraving service of free wristbands with your mobile number for the kids provided by The Hague municipality.
The beaches attached to Scheveningen have easy access for everybody, including electro-motorized wheelchair and Scoutcrawler service for less mobile visitors (more on

The Zuiderstrand Theater has been built recently on a gem location at the seaside, staging the Nederlands Dans Theatre and the Circustheater in Scheveningen is the home stage for the VandenEnde Musicals which happen to be staged successfully on Broadway too.

Ah, and should you happen to be in town, don’t skip the New Years plunge on January 1st, (sponsored by the Unilever company with warm Unox sausages and soup for the up to 10.000 diehards attending this mad tradition since 1960).

More on running: the large swirling dune area Hollands Duin, stretching from Wassenaar north of Scheveningen further on to Noordwijk is a stunning protected natural environment for walking, running or biking with wet dune valleys, protected forests, and open fields.

Time for a break

Other beaches


Kijkduin is the other city beach area south of The Hague, which recently has become popular (or notorious) for being the hotspot of the appearance of Pokemons in the Pokemon Go game.
More beaches stretch out to the South towards Hoek van Holland.


towards Wassenaar and beyond in is a fabulous stretch of beaches towards Zandvoort (which is Amsterdams closest beach). Wassenaar can easily be reached by car, bike, running or on horseback.

Nudist beach

The designated nudist beach is located at the North of Scheveningen, at the last beach club ” het Puntje “.

Gay beach

North of Scheveningen at the dunes, in the direction of Wassenaar, just after the designated nudist beach area.

Beach and seawater quality

Sandy wide beaches – very clean
Seawater is quality is good and tested every two weeks – actual information on

Seawater temparature 
August around 18 degr. C° – January 6 C° H/L

More with a lot of practical information in 4 languages

Webcam is great for beach / weather conditions as well as for an impression on the dunes and other nature info in the area – lots of information from transport to where to get free wristbands with your mobile number engraved for the kids.


The Hague City

The Hague city center is a run, a bike, car or tram ride away from the beach and has got around half a million people living within its municipality.

The city is the political heart of The Netherlands and has positioned itself in the last decades as the City of Peace and Justice, being the seat of a number of international organisations, like The International Court of Justice in the Peace Palace (a must visit!), the Yugoslavia Tribunal and the International Crime Tribunal.
More than 150 international organisations are located in The Hague as well as most foreign embassies.

Peace Palace - The Hague

Peace Palace – The Hague

But there is much more to know and enjoy in and about the city, such as Vermeer’s painting the Girl with the Pearl (which isn’t a pearl really) Earring in the Mauritshuis or the world’s largest collection of Mondriaan works in the Municipal Museum and lots more.  – read more at this interesting site –

The Girl with a Pearl(?) Earring

Girl with a Pearl Earring – Johannes Vermeer

You can find oranges and other fruit and veggies at the largest food/vegetable and goods market in the country and may (as the official website of the city states it) run into the other Oranges, the royal ones, as the Royal family lives and works in the city of The Hague too.

The city boasts some good restaurant/bar areas in the city center.
Foodwise, the Indonesian kitchen is the city’s traditional specialty with a number of larger restaurants and smaller toko’s, originating from the colonial past between Holland and Indonesia.

Festivals include the JustPeace Festival, the UIT Festival (opening of the Cultural year), Embassy Festival, FoodTruck Festival and lots of other events – see below MORE.

Free pop festivals are set in The Hague, ParkPop and SchollenPop in Scheveningen, as well as a great Jazz Festival, on the city’s few canals that are left untouched.

Pro Freestyle The Hague is the largest ProFreeStyle Event in the Benelux for the Inline- Skateboardworld – check

More – the official very up to date website in 5 languages (one being Chinese) with lots of practical info from hostels to Five Star hotels and Festivals, Concerts etc.


Hollands location makes it very easy to reach the country and is very well connected with the rest of the world and it is extremely easy travel around at reasonable fares


to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport or Rotterdam-The Hague Airport
from/to destinations worldwide

Train – the extensive Dutch railway system (international too) has great offers to more than 20 destinations in Europe

for a wide range of special deals and sales, including their famous ‘ First Minute’ tickets Amsterdam to Paris for € 29 (only biking is cheaper…)

Car makes it very easy to travel across Europe, be aware of different fees and charges per country when crossing borders with a rental car within the EU

is the way to go around and rental spots are available throughout The Hague and Scheveningen, but can easily sell out in Summer (we list a couple here only) (Scheveningen)

or go to the bike rental of the railway system on (rentals by subscription coupled to a personal OV-chipcard)


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