By | January 3, 2017

mediterranean Spain

Spain is the echo of sun, beach, and culture.
It is interesting and lots of fun also to look behind these common beliefs and try to find out if a country of the size of Spain can be generalized as such when looking for a beach and seafront city destination.

The Spanish coast is 7268 kilometers long in total (including the coasts of the islands that are not overseas), of which the majority is at the Mediterranean sea, a much smaller, astonishingly beautiful piece of coastline is at the Atlantic ocean, where it borders the smaller sister country of Portugal, that is located solely at the Northern Atlantic ocean, as it is called officially, and the coast of northern Spain is on the Atlantic ocean too.

The islands of fame Ibiza, Menorca, and Mallorca (Balearic islands) are in the Mediterranean sea and the Canary Islands in the Atlantic.
The only seafront city on mainland southern Spain at the Atlantic coast is the very attractive city of Cádiz, whilst all the other coastal cities are on the other side of Gibraltar and in the north.

near Cadiz
near Cádiz

But what to make of beach quality, are all beaches really as good as they are advertised? They mostly are.
There is no doubt that the beaches west of Gibraltar, so at the Atlantic, are huge and stunning. And the beaches on the islands are of stunning quality too. But beaches at some stretches of the long Mediterranean coast can be really disappointing coming from any Atlantic beach in Portugal or Spain.
Of course, not all of them, let’s not fall into the generalization trap here.
But there is an effort involved to find a beachfront city with one or more quality beaches.
So let’s give it a try.



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