Reunion Part Two: Clandulla

By | August 22, 2017

Authors Note: This second part to the reunion series has been a long time coming, and I do apologise for the wait. I’ve recently been working 7 days a week, only sleeping and eating in my spare time.
I sure hope the wait is worth it. Happy reading.


The farm stay at Clandulla was beautiful. In the summer of 2012 we ventured off into the hills to have a reunion like we’d never had before. We had a house between the green meadows, hugged by wooden fences to try to keep the kangaroos in. The family bunked into a large, heavily decorated but cosy house & my grandparents got the posh treatment in their own little bush bungalow nearby. We ventured out on this holiday, for their anniversary. So they deserved the very best.


Our days were spent frolicking in the fields of the farm, cuddling the friendly kangaroos & drinking our worries away under the sun, making memories with each other. We took turns cooking & on the very last night we went to the little restaurant the owners ran. We stuffed our faces before being served the best sticky date pudding I’ve had to date. My uncle & I then sung a song for our grandparents, as a last night treat and a long term memory to celebrate their anniversary. By the end the majority of our family was in tears, they could have been pained tears for all we know but I’m hopeful that at the very least there was something in their eyes.

Overall, the holiday was the perfect mix of relaxation and jam packed exploring! We played pool & drunk on the patio, listening to music and getting to catch up on all the little things we missed from the daily lives we lived. We took tours around and saw the farm, patting cows and sheep and running away when they got too close and looked scary. For a little 13 year old me, it was a frightening experience – let me tell you.

Family reunions are so special as they only come once a year, if that! The whole family countdowns the days until they fly off, and some even start packing a few months early. It’s a tradition in our family and one that I hope we uphold for a long time.

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