City of pride is what I felt when I saw Cádiz. Funnily enough, lots of other visitors I met later shared that feel and Cádiz has all reason in the world (or in Europe at least) to be proud as it is one of the oldest cities in the Western world that has been permanently… Read More »


Spain is the echo of sun, beach, and culture. It is interesting and lots of fun also to look behind these common beliefs and try to find out if a country of the size of Spain can be generalized as such when looking for a beach and seafront city destination. The Spanish coast is 7268 kilometers long in total… Read More »


La douce France makes you think of food & wine, the famous French lifestyle, fantastic landscapes of great variety in nature, Paris and the Eiffel tower, castles & mansions and the fabulous coast on the Mediterranean in the south with Nice, Cannes and other spots showing richness without embarrassment in every way and a completely… Read More »

San Sebastián

If you are heading south on the west coast of France, after having spent enough time and Euros on the French chic of Biarritz, it is a great experience to cross the border at Hendaye-Irun into Spain and make your way to the lively and stylish city of San Sebastián or in Basque language Donóstia. You… Read More »


What is the best in – Biarritz : Surf the ocean with its fantastic waves or surf with your eyes only Seaside strolls past beaches, monuments, the Casino – such as the Atalaya walk with magic sunset over the Golfe de Gascogne The grandeur of Hotel du Palais – ” Where Luxury Meets History’ on the terrace… Read More »

The Hague

  The Hague Beach (Scheveningen) Hollands most famous beach with direct access to a major city on the Dutch coast is Scheveningen, the seaside resort directly connected to the city of The Hague – locally known as Den Haag. Scheveningen is definitely a beach for all seasons and weather types. Naturally, it is populated in… Read More »


  Holland also known as The Netherlands has a fantastic coastline. Because of the country’s position in Middle-Europe and let’s say ‘mild’ climate, its beaches are popular all year round and of course especially in summer. We are all different in our liking of weather conditions and where one beach lover is craving summer and suntan, the other needs… Read More »

How to make Money at the Beach

Enjoying beach life and making money, there is nothing special about connecting the two. I realized that a lot of my friends associate beach life with sports, fun, lazying and spending money, and not only at holiday time when I asked them about the option of combining a quality beach lifestyle with earning money at the… Read More »

The Best Company for Transferring Money Internationally

Planning your trip to Europe is about planning the money too. This involves cash for daily expenses when you can’t use or better don’t trust the credit card situation (not uncommon in Europe). And what if you need to transfer larger sums for whatever reason and you are looking for the best company for transferring money… Read More »

Men in Designer Swimwear – Review

  CUSTOMER TYPE: “… wanting to look good in a luxury design they can rely on….” “men who can afford to wear stylish, good quality beachwear with an effortless Brasilian flair…”   It is definite that men in designer swimwear get much more attention and create a lot of excitement in the minds of both… Read More »