Men in Designer Swimwear – Review

By | June 9, 2016

Men in Designer Swimwear



“… wanting to look good in a luxury design they can rely on….”

“men who can afford to wear stylish, good quality beachwear with an effortless Brasilian flair…”


It is definite that men in designer swimwear get much more attention and create a lot of excitement in the minds of both sexes when the only item they have got on at the beach is a well-fitted luxury designer piece.

Designer swimwear for men has seen a big jump in attention from various designers over the last years, and not only from the established ones, creating a huge demand and variety.
The luxury market offers a large choice of designer swimwear for men, but looking into buying myself a new pair for this summer got me into the trouble that is related to luxury: which brand offers the best quality?
Time to compare some really interesting brands created in Europe!

Leo Joseph

Distinctive swimwear brand launched in 2014, took inspiration from the colours and nature of Cape Town, South Africa to create ‘an affordable luxury resort wear design’.

The London-based designer Leo Joseph works together with a company that provides them with sustainable cloth from recycled plastic, that is very soft and quick drying. The brand uses prime linen and pima cotton for its designs also.

: men spending a lot of time at the beach, wanting to look good in a luxury design they can rely on.

Price range : from £ 55 till £ 75.leo joseph


Luxury, stylish swimwear made from soft fabric, with a contemporary flattering fit.

Colourful designs, many of them inspired by animals.
By being a member of the WorldWildlifeFund UK, the brand likes to give something back.

The quality fabric dries very fast and can handle wear&tear.
Example: the brand’s signature Clifton swim short has a zipped back pocket and stainless steel cord ends at the front.

Very reasonable price range, good delivery, and returns policy. Very clear and inspiring website!

Where to buy:


Frescobol Carioca

Frescobol CariocaFrescobol CariocaFrescobol Carioca

The brand created by two British guys took off in 2009 with the now famous design and production of a beautifully handcrafted beach bat – made in Brasil by local artisans.

The next logical step was to grow towards the brand as it is today with a great line of beach and casual wear inspired by the Carioca lifestyle.

Great range of swimwear from tailored shorts and ‘sports /  swim’ shorts with striking designs and prints to sunga’s for the fit body.

If you want to get the feel for the Brasilian hot look and Carioca Post go to

Or when you happen to be in London, check out the newly opened Notting Hill Frescobal Carioca store on 1, Lonsdale Road for a breath of Brasil!

I DEFINITELY dream to be part of their game and I bet you will too!

 : men who can afford to wear stylish, good quality beachwear with an effortless Brasilian flair.

Price range : Shorts from £ 120 till £ 150.


Frescobol CariocaFrescobol Carioca


Large range of swimwear made from fine fabrics with great colours and catching prints.
The brands collection in its Brasilian setting is very inviting to scroll through.
Items in the collection are named after Rio’s iconic beaches or other stunning beach spots, cities and culture in Brasil and can definitely add a feel to your purchase, or be even slightly too much.

The detailed information on fabric, length, sizes, pockets, zippers, cords etc. is something you expect from a designer brand in the higher price range.

VERY good shipping and returns policy.

Where to buy :


Orlebar Brown

You will read everywhere that it was UK based Orlebar Brown that has revolutionized the swimwear shorts market.
Adam Brown worked his 2005 idea out from scratch, launched the brand with a college mate in 2008 and has managed to ignite the male summer lovers fantasy and seduce them since with his well-named design lines like Editions, Bulldog etc.

Orlebar Brown

The brand sells worldwide through over 300 stores.
Once Cristiano Ronaldo was spotted in Orlebar Browns and Daniel Craig did wear a pair of the Orlebar Brown swim shorts in Skyfall, so you could say Orlebar Browns’ star of success shines to the limit in the luxury design swimwear niche.

The description for its signature tailored fit Classic as “Shorts you can Swim in” certainly changed the way you look at men’s beachwear.
OB offers a variety of length for shorts, from Shortest to Long in a great range of new styles and colours.

The style of presentation on the website is attractive, but not over the top in background stories and images and focuses on the collection and its details, comfortable enough for me to continue shopping and comparing some items.

 : men feeling comfortable wearing hand fitted designer “shorts you can swim in” of the highest quality, ready to surprise their mates this summer again.

Price range : from £ 145 till £ 225.


High quality swim shorts in a great range of styles : Editions, Bulldog, Dane etc. of trusted fabric with an exciting and original choice of new prints and patterns.

The shorts have a hand fitted waistband, made of multiple pieces of material, to ensure the designer shape.

Choice of the sizes Shortest, Shorter, Mid-Length and Long, is a real plus for me having shorter legs.

Great guarantee, the OB Five Year Guarantee, after registering your Classics Swim Shorts.

A unique option in the Luxury Swimwear Industry is the “design of your own Snapshort”.
Make sure you don’t regret the image when your shorts are ready as the price tag is from
£ 395 onwards. Unique in all respects.

Where to buy :

Thaddeus O’Neil

To really appreciate this extraordinary fashion collection you could dive into the founders’ spirit and his past, as the New York founder and owner of this brand, intertwines his background and experience in philosophy, art, photography and writing with his fashion style and is an icon of the après surf aesthetics.

Or just buy yourself a fabulous piece of his designs and get the real bohemian feel from the ocean.

A very laid-back newcomer in the world of (beach) fashion – he started in 2013 with the capsule collection and coined the term playwear for his leisure designs – and his style and design range is completely different from his co-designers.

The brand started out with stunningly detailed board shorts ( ” they only get more beautiful as you wear them in the ocean..” ) and the brand has become big in Japan since launching its capsule collection.

Relaxed fits, bold prints, and very rich textures are combined with the highest quality materials.

: men whose spirit matches rebellion playwear of high-quality design and carry the byname hobos of the sea with pride.

Price range: from $ 190 onwards.


Very laid-back surf culture fashion of high-quality cotton, suede materials.

Bold prints with very relaxed fits and luxurious textures breathe bohemian playwear style with a classic touch.

Not only for surf bodies…

Where to buy:

6 thoughts on “Men in Designer Swimwear – Review

  1. Jeanine

    I enjoyed reading your article. I found myself looking first at the pictures to see if I liked them and then the descriptions of them, so a few more pictures may help keep your readers engaged. I think shoppers are drawn first by the images and then investigate the details to see if the product will actually work for them. People, especially men, are visual creatures 🙂

    1. Jan Post author

      Thanks a lot for that. Great to know you enjoyed it. You are absolutely right, people are visually (and sometimes even 360) oriented, which is however not restricted to men:)

  2. LDStudio

    Hi Jan…as a woman who loves fashion of all types, I think this post is great. Even though I’m not too familiar with European designers in the swimwear category, the designs you showcase look sexy, comfortable and high quality. Knowing that (most) men don’t shop too often for these types of clothes, it’s great that you provide options for a variety of tastes! Very nice.

    1. Jan Post author

      Hi .. and thanks a lot for your reaction. Great to know you enjoyed the post on men in designer swimwear created here in Europe. I appreciate your reaction, even more knowing that you love all types of fashion and seem to have a good eye for quality designs.
      I agree with you that men are generally not that interested in shopping and comparing these type of clothes (with the exception of course), but they still are the ones who wear them in the end.
      Do you think women should shop for the men instead and buy the designer swimwear, and watch them in the only item they have got on at the beach of their choice …?

  3. Grace Miller

    Summer vacation is the right time for people to spend some time at the beach. Women are always passionate about their dressing. When they are going to the beach then they have right time to show their sexy side by wearing right kind of dresses. Your blog will help women to choose right kind of outfits for beach in the summer. Keep sharing information like this.

    1. Jan Post author

      Summer IS the right time to spend time at the beach. Women that are passionate about their dressing at the beach and well aware their dresses are going to be admired by both sexes are likely to spot well-dressed men in designer swimwear also. Your brand supporting the essential ocean environment impresses, keep sharing this important information. And consider looking at information on working conditions in the clothing industry too.


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