Life’s a beach in Darwin

By | May 24, 2017

Darwin-Nightcliff-BeachDarwin is a home to thousands of locals, many that have come far and wide just travelling through, and been trapped by the beauty. One of Darwin’s best points is their beaches. With many to choose from, all have their own specific, loveable features.

Surrounding Nightcliff beach are pathways ideal for a jog or a cycle stretching kilometres along the coast, and continuing past the main roads. The popular Yiros man (Harry’s Mobile Kitchen), and Jay’s Coffee set up shop most days in the car park next to Nightcliff Jetty. Further on down the street, other food vans scatter the walkway including The Potatoe Man, a pizza stall (Cucina Sotto Le Stelle), Nightcliff Foreshore Crepe Van & fish + chips (Jetty & the Fish). The Jetty is well known for kids Jetty jumping or fishing, and always makes for a pretty photo when the sun goes down. The Nightcliff foreshore is also home to an established restaurant and cafe known as the Foreshore Cafe. Although the prices aren’t so generous, you’re paying for the view too.

Darwin-Casuarina-BeachCasuarina beach blends with Lee Point beach and often found along the shore, along with the bean bags of Café De La Plage, are occasional birds in migration, or sea turtles nesting on the beach. Tours are run throughout the turtles nesting season, in which participants help the young turtles find their way back to the sea.

Darwin-Mindil-BeachMindil beach is a long stretch of sand, that is often home to many market stalls each Thursday and Sunday during the dry season. The stalls glow into the night selling food off their trucks, or market stall trinkets. The beach is rarely missed when the sun goes down, as the majority of market goers flock to watch the natural beauty.

Not only are beaches found to be popular for a dip or a fish in the wet season, but they’re home to comfort too. Although public nudity is illegal, there is a designated nudist beach along our coast too.
Although Darwin is home to many beautiful beaches, deadly animals roam the land and sea too. It’s always important for locals and tourists to keep an eye out for crocodiles and stingers, just to be safe. There are many beaches in Darwin, not named although each hold a special piece of the territory’s unique beauty.

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