How to make Money at the Beach

By | June 22, 2016

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Enjoying beach life and making money, there is nothing special about connecting the two.
I realized that a lot of my friends associate beach life with sports, fun, lazying and spending money, and not only at holiday time when I asked them about the option of combining a quality beach lifestyle with earning money at the same time.
But as much as we liked the concept of it, we needed a couple of brainstorming sessions (and booze at the end) before we came up with some ideas on how to make money at the beach.

minding a friend’s business

I know of a guy here in Holland who did run a beach bar-restaurant for a couple of years.
He really went for it, got the instant crowd funding set up for his idea ( clever work!) and invested at large on mainly borrowed money (at least half a million Euros).
And yes, he has been very successful and from day one working at the beach for at least 8 months per year.
But the long days, hassle with his staff and hardly a moment to relax made him realize he didn’t enjoy beach life as much he had before, so he sold half of his ownership and decided to set up his own online business he could work on guess where… at the beach.
Great for his friends, we know where to find him most of the year, now that he has got time to enjoy the waves and has become a skilled surf instructor too.

easier options to make money as a beach bum

With a bit of fantasy, you could think of reselling all sorts of products, e.g. ice cream, bottles of ice cold water, umbrella’s that hold out at least a couple of days (recommended…!), beer, and other drinks and snacks, and make a really good profit.
The selfie stick is another good item to try sell at a good profit on the beach. Especially when you buy them cheap (could be here ).

BUT be aware that a lot of countries in Europe don’t allow you to sell anything on the beach by law without a License.
You can even get fined and you will see your fresh cash end up in the treasury.
Is that only European regulations for you, or does this happen everywhere? I don’t know.

So best would be to find yourself a job at the beach bars or cafés if you are up for making long days and a lot of hours.
That is if you are in the right age group, sorry.
But the advantage is you will get an even fitter, toned body by continuously crawling through the sand with drinks, food, beach chairs and umbrella’s (aka as parasols), trying to please patrons in return for the higher tip.
The good part is, you will be continuously admired by beach crowds from both sexes and all ages if you play it well. And you will make some good money too.

Or go promote yourself at any beach as a tour guide, as people get bored easily after a couple of days spent at the same destination, invest some time in exploring the area and you will be seen as the expert.

Organize night time tours with horror storytelling on the beach, take a couple of lights with you and advertise your events during the day. Options are endless.

I have seen the craziest selling ideas passing by at the beach.
From the bohemian long skirt, dressed up fortune telling lady, who specialized in matchmaking with ‘the beauty of my choice’ at the end of the glorious beach day in Southern Spain.

To that time I was dreaming away on the beautiful beach of chic Deauville, when somebody gently pulled my towel, a soft voice said you want to buy this, sir, and I find myself looking at the arm of one of the more stunning bodies I have ever seen waving a secondhand copy of Fifty Shades of Grey in my shocked face.

Why not when it sells for hard cash.

but look at it the other way

There are other ways, of course, to combine enjoying beach life with making money.
And that is exactly what I am doing at this moment.

When I caught up with my friend who sold half his share in the beach restaurant to enjoy more time at his beloved beach, I was happy to find that he and I were in the same business of making money on the internet and we have shared information and helped each other out a lot ever since (see below).

For my part, I had never thought I could be even interested or able to create a website based business and at the same time having so much fun.
Combined with making money from it and put in only effort and time instead of money as a long term investment. Because business for me was always about investing money first.

so what happened there?

The best I can and will do is direct you to the online community I came across some months ago called Wealthy Affiliate, a Canadian based company unique in the internet world.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform allows you to start learning how to build your website and therefore your online business for free step by step and decide later to stay or to quit.

All my knowledge on how to run my own website and make money from it I have learned there. The step by step courses guide you through the fantastic process of building your own website and setting up an online business.

I am writing this now with a little smile on the terrace of the beach cafe in Holland, and I have written other blogs at the beach in Barcelona last May (with an even bigger smile).
Traveling to coasts and beaches simply inspires me to create ideas and write about it, I love it!

This is how I put it to my friend, the surf instructor : You can join me if you dare.


2 thoughts on “How to make Money at the Beach

  1. Peter Fudge


    I really enjoyed this article. It surely promotes the dream a lot of us are found chasing. To be able to have feet up at the beach and make some residual income.
    I too am a part of WA and I find it the best thing I have ever tried. SO much good information that is USEFUL and such a friendly community. It really helps a person succeed.

    Again great article and I love the design here.
    All the best,


    1. Jan Post author

      Hey Pete,

      Thanks for taking the time to read the article, even better you liked it!
      As someone stated: the only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams…and your willingness to work for them.

      Great to know you are part of WA too and like you say, it IS a fabulous source of information and it helps you out in a very friendly way.
      And what about the training on WA, do you follow the video tutorial weekly?

      Thanks and all the best,



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