By | July 27, 2016

Holland Beaches and Cities


Holland also known as The Netherlands has a fantastic coastline. Because of the country’s position in Middle-Europe and let’s say ‘mild’ climate, its beaches are popular all year round and of course especially in summer.

We are all different in our liking of weather conditions and where one beach lover is craving summer and suntan, the other needs the weather a lot cooler for long walks following her favorite coastline.

Best Beaches in The Netherlands

What are the best beaches in The Netherlands directly connected or with easy access to a city?
And keep in mind that when talking about a major city in The Netherlands, you will find that no city in the country does reach an amount of one million inhabitants. Far from that, as Amsterdam is the largest city in Holland with just over 700.000 people living there.

There is a lot of reasons to visit Holland, and access to the country is really easy, with Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam/The Hague Airport flying to numerous destinations worldwide.
Its size and great infrastructure make it very easy to do a round trip in one day, even into Belgium or Germany by car or public transport.

I really want to emphasize here that Holland has much more to offer than Amsterdam only.
The countryside is very beautiful and the laid back provinces are worth visiting, as they are rich in history and well-known for its good life.
And likely no other country in Europe does offer so much culture, history and amount of (Summer) Festivals within a small area as Holland does.

So discover the best beaches in The Netherlands directly connected or with easy access to a city and plan your trip around that.

You won’t regret!

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