By | January 3, 2017


La douce France makes you think of food & wine, the famous French lifestyle, fantastic landscapes of great variety in nature, Paris and the Eiffel tower, castles & mansions and the fabulous coast on the Mediterranean in the south with Nice, Cannes and other spots showing richness without embarrassment in every way and a completely different but stunningly beautiful long coast in the west.
News and information have changed our romanticized view on travel destinations very quickly, and on France also.
Recent migrant problems in cities and outside Calais may worry the traveler, pension age troubles and politics may be interesting to follow or discuss on charming terraces shaded by 200 years old poplars with the help of a crisp sauvignon. (You may even wonder what the icon of France was before the world famous Eiffel tower existed or what if its architect had not changed his family name Bönickhausen into Eiffel).
But the country still remains la douce France with fabulous districts and nature and its fantastic coastline on the Mediterranean Sea and on its much longer and beautiful coastline at the Atlantic Ocean, with long beaches and fabulous oysters.
The total length of France’s coast (that is Metropolitan France, so including the coast of Corsica, but not of overseas or in French “Outre-Mer” territory) is over 4,800 kilometers, of which the Mediterranean coastline is just over 1700 kilometers.

Most beachfront cities are on the Mediterranean coast.

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