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In Nice La Vie est Belle

  What is the best in – Nice: 1. Surprise: go to the beach. Do you prefer the public seaside beaches along the famous Promenade des Anglais and around or do private beaches like Castel Plage or Blue Beach make you feel more luxurious, safer and relaxed? Whatever your choice, in Nice la vie est… Read More »

Make the Most of Marseille

Melting Pot in Provence Marseille doesn’t need a metaphor, it is one in itself. And any traveler who still insists on hearing one before touching this fabulous and vibrant city will agree immediately after arrival that ‘melting pot’ would be spot on. (Today, in 2017, with their new president in place it seems somewhat ironic to… Read More »


La douce France makes you think of food & wine, the famous French lifestyle, fantastic landscapes of great variety in nature, Paris and the Eiffel tower, castles & mansions and the fabulous coast on the Mediterranean in the south with Nice, Cannes and other spots showing richness without embarrassment in every way and a completely… Read More »


What is the best in – Biarritz : Surf the ocean with its fantastic waves or surf with your eyes only Seaside strolls past beaches, monuments, the Casino – such as the Atalaya walk with magic sunset over the Golfe de Gascogne The grandeur of Hotel du Palais – ” Where Luxury Meets History’ on the terrace… Read More »