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Reunion Part Two: Clandulla

Authors Note: This second part to the reunion series has been a long time coming, and I do apologise for the wait. I’ve recently been working 7 days a week, only sleeping and eating in my spare time. I sure hope the wait is worth it. Happy reading. The farm stay at Clandulla was beautiful.… Read More »

Reunion Part One: Coolum Beach

In October 2011, my wonderful grandfather turned 80. Is that not a fantastic occasion to celebrate? In our family it is. And with alcohol. Lots of alcohol. Day after day for two weeks, we spent our time pushing elevator buttons to visit each other. We were scattered and booked onto three different floors in a… Read More »

The OzGirlTalking

Darwin, in my previous article, is home to many. Many, but also me. The OzGirlTalking. Hidden under the name OzGirlTalking, is a 17-year-old, residing in Darwin on a gap year. A few things about me, I’m 17 years young and blow candles out every year on the 8th of July. I recently accepted an offer… Read More »

Life’s a beach in Darwin

Darwin is a home to thousands of locals, many that have come far and wide just travelling through, and been trapped by the beauty. One of Darwin’s best points is their beaches. With many to choose from, all have their own specific, loveable features. Surrounding Nightcliff beach are pathways ideal for a jog or a… Read More »