About Me

Hello everybody in whatever time zone, I am Jan and I have traveled quite a bit over the past decades.

At Another Gorgious Beach

With time I came to realize that wherever I traveled, I always wanted to end up at a beach somewhere during my trip.
Longing for the exciting life on the edge of a calm sea, a mighty ocean or even in the middle of a major city at a man-made beach.
Meeting people or staying away from them.
But with the unstoppable desire to feel the sea water surrounding my skin.

The thought behind this site is to provide some info for travelers about the coast of Europe and more particular about where to chill in a beach city on Europe’s coast as well as in coastal cities around the world. Where you can enjoy both city life and beaches without having to travel for hours by car on public transport.
Traveling the easy way if you like.

The travel world has changed hugely in the last 20 years, that also is where my disappointment started to kick in.
Not only going back to places and beaches I enjoyed so much before, but also to new destinations that I picked from the advice of travel guides like Lonely Planet and Rough Guide and through blogs and travel sites: numerous places are NOT what they pretend to be, or at least what I expected from them.
Some coastal places and a couple of beaches in particular, turned out to be mind-blowingly beautiful and fantastic or at times totally disappointing when I followed the advice of travel guides & sites.

This site puts some of the Europe’s coastal and city/beach destinations and destinations worldwide into the light with information on how to get there, the nature of the beach, food, how popular it is, historical background and so on.

More information on where to chill in a beach city will be added to this website with time, I hope you will enjoy the information so far.

Make sure you have a great time on the coast of Europe and other coasts worldwide! They are worth it and so are you.