A Day On The Beach in Brighton

  A day on the beach in Brighton – if you are looking for the Best Beaches Central Beach right in the city center; Kemp Beach if you like sports on the beach or the Gap Beaches along the Undercliff Walks – read more below. Best Sea View Bars ♦ The Waterhouse Bar and Terrace… Read More »

In Nice La Vie est Belle

  What is the best in – Nice: 1. Surprise: go to the beach. Do you prefer the public seaside beaches along the famous Promenade des Anglais and around or do private beaches like Castel Plage or Blue Beach make you feel more luxurious, safer and relaxed? Whatever your choice, in Nice la vie est… Read More »

Reunion Part Two: Clandulla

Authors Note: This second part to the reunion series has been a long time coming, and I do apologise for the wait. I’ve recently been working 7 days a week, only sleeping and eating in my spare time. I sure hope the wait is worth it. Happy reading. The farm stay at Clandulla was beautiful.… Read More »

Porto – Chill Beach City on the Douro

You can call the city of Porto easily lucky today. It has everything to be seen one of the most attractive places in Europe, or maybe even worldwide, and to be called a chill beach city on the Douro! And a real city it is, with only around 300.000 people living in Porto, but with… Read More »

Reunion Part One: Coolum Beach

In October 2011, my wonderful grandfather turned 80. Is that not a fantastic occasion to celebrate? In our family it is. And with alcohol. Lots of alcohol. Day after day for two weeks, we spent our time pushing elevator buttons to visit each other. We were scattered and booked onto three different floors in a… Read More »

The OzGirlTalking

Darwin, in my previous article, is home to many. Many, but also me. The OzGirlTalking. Hidden under the name OzGirlTalking, is a 17-year-old, residing in Darwin on a gap year. A few things about me, I’m 17 years young and blow candles out every year on the 8th of July. I recently accepted an offer… Read More »

Life’s a beach in Darwin

Darwin is a home to thousands of locals, many that have come far and wide just travelling through, and been trapped by the beauty. One of Darwin’s best points is their beaches. With many to choose from, all have their own specific, loveable features. Surrounding Nightcliff beach are pathways ideal for a jog or a… Read More »


If you are fantasizing about visiting a chill beach city with cheap flights Alicante could be your best bet in Southern Spain. Beaches are numerous and stunning, food is fantastic, nightlife never stops and you can picture yourself already having another glass of wine and a tapa in the old Barrio quarter, on a night like… Read More »

More Love for Málaga

  Today everybody seems to love Málaga for more than one reason. Málaga airport is the main flying destination in the South of Spain for almost 17 million travelers yearly, from where the area of Andalucia and the Costa del Sol can easily be reached by tourists and lots of (second) home-owners. Málaga is an easy destination… Read More »

Make the Most of Marseille

Melting Pot in Provence Marseille doesn’t need a metaphor, it is one in itself. And any traveler who still insists on hearing one before touching this fabulous and vibrant city will agree immediately after arrival that ‘melting pot’ would be spot on. (Today, in 2017, with their new president in place it seems somewhat ironic to… Read More »